Cherry Active- Not just for sleep!

You may have seen on tv recently a programme which talked about Montmorency Cherry juice being good for sleep.  They stated that it may be possible that drinking the juice regularly, could help increase melatonin levels in the body- the important hormone which is vital for refreshing and regular sleep.  Great!

But what they didn’t menetion are the other fantastic health benefits that Montmorency Cherry juice has been shown to have.  The specific type of cherry is very high in a compound called anthocyanins.  These compunds are like natural anti-inflammatories and are reported to help improve inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, and the pain associated with them.  That makes this juice great for all types of joint problems, as well as back ache and stiffness and excessive wear and tear through old age or intensive sport.  In fact it is also highly recommended as a post workout drink, as it helps with muscle recovery time, and can enhance performance due to it’s ability to increase energy levels!  This is thanks to the anthocyanadins also being rich antioxidants, a great protector of your bodies cells. 

These compounds are also well known to help eliminate uric acid from the body, therefore improving the painful symptoms associated with gout!cherries

How about all that from a little cherry!

One qualm would be that as it is a very concentrated cherry, it may not be suitable for diabtics or anyone watching the suger intake.  There are cherry tablets and capsules however that can give you the benefits of black cherries, without the high sugar content.

So if you are looking for a supplement that reduces inflammation and pain, helps increase your energy levels and helps you get a better nights sleep, then grab a bottle of cherry active juice today and try it for yourself!

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