new-horizon-new-meThere’s no need to wait for summertime or next year even to start a detox.  In fact it’s highly recommended to detox at least 4 times a year!  Everyday our bodies are bombarded with pollutants and chemicals from the air we breathe down to the food we consume and the cosmetic products we apply to our skin.  One great way to get rid of these is to have regular detox sessions.  This could also help you to keep the weight down and your energy flying high!

New Horizon New Me offers an easy and tasty option to detox in just 12 days!  It’s a gentle yet powerful and unique detoxifying tonic!

New Me is a natural formula containing 18 different herbs, roots and buds that detoxify all FIVE excretory organs of the body.  That’s right! ALL 5!!  A FULL BODY DETOXIFICATION TONIC, that works at a cellular level, eliminating toxic heavy metals and cleansing the tissues.

Most detox supplements work only on certain organs of the body such as the kidneys or liver.  New Me is different.  It’s unique blend gets to work on your lungs, liver, intestines, skin and kidneys!  It stimulates, cleanses, supports and strengthens your entire system! 


So who’s it good for?


Anyone exposed to toxins

Anyone with kidney and gall bladder stones, liver/kidney, digestive issues

Those feeling sluggish and heavy

Those with poor skin quality and skin problems including acne and eczemanew-horizon-redefine

Those wishing for a gentle detox

Anyone using other therapies such as colonic irrigation.


New me works on so many levels, cleansing and supporting the tissues, cells and organs thanks to its powerful blend of potent botanical herbs and buds.  It tastes great and is such a simple detox drink to use regularly throughout the year! 

To support you detox afterwards, and help burn excess fat, it is recommended to follow New Me with another one of New Horizon’s fantastic products- ReDefine.  This nutritional drink is a blend of 16 herbs, plant buds and essential oils that help firm and tone the body.  It improves circulation and metabolism, prevents the buildup of fatty deposits, removes excess fat and toxins, all while supporting the skin and deep tissues to stay healthy. 

The two drinks together, are the perfect tasty alternative to detox and weight loss!

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